Kelly Clarkson, gay ultimate fighters, teen bash

imageSinger revisits lesbian rumors, UFC chief urges gay fighters to come out, teen beating caught on video, Truth Wins Out tells bigot “Bring it on,” Gillibrand’s federal gay adoption bill, web filtering school in court, and more LGBT headlines.

Truth Wins Out responds to lawsuit threat. “Bring it on,” replied Wayne Besen (top photo), director of the gay group with a mission against “ex-gay” conversions, when anti-gay radio host Linda Harvey tweeted – yes, tweeted – a threat to sue over a column calling her “The most homophobic woman in America.”

Pro-gay marriage New Hampshire group begins anti-repeal push. A former state Supreme Court chief justice is on board with Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, which launched a defensive with a Thursday to remind repeal-favoring lawmakers that residents support the gay marriage law 2-to1.

image Kelly Clarkson: People think I’m gay. The first “American Idol” winner (second photo) tells “The View” gals that just because she’s single at 29, folks shouldn’t assume she is a lesbian. The rumor resurfaced as something to talk about as her latest album hit store shelves this week.

ACLU takes school filtering LGBT sites to court. The Camdenton, Mo., school district is using filtering software that prevents access to websites with information about gay, lesbian and transgender issues. A federal judge heard opening arguments Thursday but did not rule on a preliminary injunction against the district.

Brutal assault of gay teen caught on video. The attack on a 15-year-old in an Ohio high school classroom by fellow students is disturbing enough. That other watched and at least one recorded it on his cell phone without intervening makes it worse.

Microsoft, Yahoo to reimburse gay partners. With tax breaks for health benefits of straight spouses only, the two tech giants are the most recent to equalize the cost of partner benefits for domestic partners by reimbursing the extra taxes. Microsoft will include straight unmarried partners in their policy, while Yahoo’s is just for gay couples.

image U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand pushes for federal gay adoption law. The senator from New York (third photo) says that the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the turning tide for gay marriage spell high time for reforming federal statutes that block adoptions by gay potential parents. She plans to introduce the Every Child Deserves A Family Act.

Gay retirement communities up against hard times. The Santa Fe seniors haven RainbowVision filed for bankruptcy this week, a difficulty that mirrors several other LGBT retirement villages and condos across the country that have failed to open or fallen on financial trouble in a rough housing market.

image UFC chief: Gay ultimate fighters should come out. Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White (bottom photo) says that there are probably several gay fighters in the league, and he wants them to come out and know they are not only accepted, but welcome. His statements came under fire of criticism for at least one UFC chapter being anti-gay, including White’s own 2009 use of the word “faggot,” for which he later apologized.

Police: California trans woman killed over debt. Witnesses say Lucie Parkin and a male parolee were arguing over money in a motel room when the accused hit Parkin over the head with a pistol before shooting her in the back. The suspect was apprehended while fleeing a traffic stop. Excuse the small-town report’s valiant yet failed effort to describe the victim’s gender identity.

Besen photo via JoeMyGod; Clarkson photo from MTV; Gillibrand photo via New York Daily News; White photo by USA Today

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